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Norascon specializes in civil and mining engineering. with more than 25 years of experience and a strong reputation, the company has become an industry reference thanks to the commitment and expertise of its team members and its top-notch services in all projects.

As true builders, we have proven our skills and climbed the ranks by working on major projects. with our wide range of services and solutions, we can meet even the most stringent industry requirements.


Norascon has many years of experience working on major mining and road projects. we offer a full, varied range of services and solutions, helping us build relationships with our clients from the very start of their projects.

From project management to contract document inspection to the administration of work itself, norascon can help with all parts of a project. what’s more, we take great care to comply with the standards set by our clients and the relevant authorities. we prioritize efficiency without compromising flexibility. we also guarantee the quality of our work, which we approach with a strong commitment to the success of the project.

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